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Calling on over 30 years of investment experience, I will work with you to build a portfolio that’s right for you, now and far into the future.

As part of a comprehensive review of your financial objectives, I can recommend a wide range of products and services that will meet the specific needs of your portfolio.

In addition to building your portfolio, I will work with you over time to assist you with those events in your life that require particular expertise including estate planning, acquiring and procuring a mortgage (provided through referral)* or long term care insurance.

  • Registered Accounts: TFSA, RRSP, RRIF, LIRA/LSP, LRIF, RESP and Group RRSP.
  • Non-Registered Accounts: Canadian and US Dollar Cash or Margin, In Trust For, Corporate, Charity, and Formal Trusts.
  • Bonds Federal, Provincial and Corporate.
  • GICs & High Interest Investment or Savings Accounts
  • Mutual Funds Dynamic Funds, Invesco Trimark, Fidelity Investments, Edge Point Funds, Capital Group, Franklin/Templeton, and more.
  • Diversiflex Portfolios: Diversiflex an exclusive product designed to capture greater growth opportunities in up markets while offering advanced protection in down markets. Selecting from a broad line-up of award-winning Dynamic Funds, as well as from a full range of ETFs, this approach attempts to identify the most attractive asset classes and rotate into them while leaving less attractive ones behind.

    Diversiflex Balanced – $150,000 minimum investment
    Diversiflex Plus – $40,000 minimum investment